The resort paradise of Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort

Deluxe vacation real estate brand Sun Premier Village brings us this exemplary product. Created with passion by developer Sun Group and reputable architecture firms Dark Horse (Australia) and AEDAS (Hong Kong), Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort brings a one of a kind opportunity to invest in vacation real estate on the jewel island of Phu Quoc.

The “vacation village” Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort lies hidden amidst the billion-dollar entertainment-relaxation complex constructed by Sun Group at Kem Beach. Launched for the first time in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in June 2017, Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort won over even the most discerning customers with its unique seaside village architecture, fresh and private atmosphere for relaxation following the trend of world-class tourism paradises. Following this success, Sun Group has introduced phase 2 of the project, the Sirena villa complex. Inspired by legend of the mermaid, it is expected to be the investment highlight in Phu Quoc.

On a total area of 59.6 hectares, Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort’s building structures only account for 17-21 per cent of the area – the golden proportion for an international-standard resort. The project’s overall design follows the shape of a fan, offering abundant views of the ocean. Every villa in Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort offers private space filled with fresh ocean breeze. From the coconut tree lined canals through to the bamboo wall between villas which offer separation without a sense of isolation, to the all-so-familiar straw-thatched roofs, everything demonstrates the passion that the design team and the developer have for the natural beauty and local culture on the island. 

While the beachfront villas bring owners just one step shy of the ocean, the ocean view villa complex with high class overflow pools, serene garden villas, and luxurious shop-houses offer tree-lined walkways to the beautiful private beach, as well as easy access to the main road. Another unique highlight of Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort is that each smaller resort village within the bigger village has its own facilities, including restaurants, bars, pool clubs, and a gym. 

The project also offers an outstanding financial scheme. In particular, buyers will be able to borrow up to 70 per cent of the price of the property, with a zero per cent interest rate for up to 24 months.  Other benefits include a minimum guaranteed profit from the renting program (timeshare mode) of up to 9 percent for 15 years as well as 225 nights of free stay at any hotel and resort developed by Sun Group in Vietnam.   These hotels and resorts include InterContinental Danang SunPeninsula Resort, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, Mercure Bana Hills French Village…

With class, unique style, outstanding incentive policy, as well as prospects of sustainable profit in the fastest growing vacation real estate market in Vietnam, Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort will soon become a highlight in the vacation real estate market in Phu Quoc. As the billion USD entertainment-relaxation complex receives increasing investment from Sun Group and the Hon Thom trans-sea cable car it is expected to start operating in early 2018. South Phu Quoc will without (remove the “a”) doubt become the spotlight of regional and global tourism. Opportunities will only come to investors who seize the initiative in time.

Official sales agents of SPV Kem Beach Resort Project:
Bac Land Investment and Consultant JSC – Hotline: 0932311566.
Sun Group’s Real Estate Distribution Network – Hotline: 0901 448 418
Smart Land Real Estate Co., Ltd. – Hotline: 0909 803 939
Titan Real-Estate Service JSC – Hotline: 0995 446 688