Sun Group's Partner

SALA Design Group

Head office: East Coast Road, Singapore. SALA Design Group specializes in landscape design and planning for the projects of Spa, hotels, resorts, golf courses and high-grade apartments.


As one of the world’s leading and well – known hotel operation group with its experiences of operating more than 3.600 hotels and 460.000 rooms in 92 countries for the last 45 years, Accor has been trusted and selected by Sun Group to be its partner to manage and operate Premier Village Resort Danang.

Ha Yen Industrial Equipment One Member Company Limited

HaYen Company has been established for 20 years and become the top supplier in Vietnam in production and supply of kitchen equipments for industries, hotels, restaurants and tourism resorts. HaYen is said to be the leading company in the new industrial field.

AA Construction Architecture Joint Stock Company

AA Corporation was founded in 1993 as an interior contractor specializing in constructing high – grade hotel projects. The company is one of the best interior contractors in Asia.

Falcon’s Treehouse LLC

Head office of Florida Falcon’s Treehouse LLC is located in Orlando. The designs of Falcon’s Treehouse LLC create exquisite spatial changes with the most breakthrough creative solutions and innovative technologies. The creative team of Treehouse Falcon consists of designers, cartoon makers, writers and architects in the environment, design and construction fields.

BLINK Design Group

Established in 2006, BLINK has its personnel of more than 100 experts with film studios in Bangkok, Singapore, New Delhi and Shanghai. The Blink’s customers include the well – known companies such as: Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, Conrad, InterContinental, Regent, etc.


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