Asia Park


Asia Park has a total area of 880,082m2, including 763,208m2 of land and 116,874m2 of water surface. It was designed by famous architect Bill Bensley.


Asia Park consists of four main functional areas, namely cultural park, theme park, multi-purpose performance area, and parking lot.

The cultural park is characterized by 9 cultures of Asian countries, including Japan, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, China, Nepal and Vietnam.

The theme park has the most modern entertainment games in the world helping you have new, impressive experiences. Asia Park has famous games like high-speed gliding machine, tram, freefall tower, high-speed slide, etc.

The multi-purpose performance area is a place to organize events, dramas, opera, music events and sports activities, present films, etc. In addition, it is a place to organize animal circus, dolphin show, etc

The parking lot has a total area of 10.4ha with a capacity of 4,800 automobiles and 7,500 motorbikes


Field Entertainment
Location Floors 35-35 Novotel - 36 Bach Dang – Hai Chau District – Da Nang City