Fantasy Park


Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park is a unique indoor entertainment zone in Vietnam and the world over. Located on the top of Ba Na Chua Mountain, experience fun and amusement as never before.


Our 3D mega 360-degree cinema remains the first and only of its kind in Vietnam. A rarity around the world aside from Japan, check out the most modern cinema experience there is.

Our 4D and 5D cinemas are also the first of their kind in Vietnam. As we play special films, be amongst the first in the country to enjoy this experience.

Featuring the highest indoor tower drop ride in Vietnam, from an impressive 29 metres, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding area from atop the tower.

If heights and rock climbing fall amongst your interests, you will assuredly want to visit our 21-metre high wall, which will give the feeling of climbing a real mountain.

Visit the largest collection of and arena for Bumper Cars (Fire Race) in the nation with a whopping 600 square metres of driving space.

We also have an exclusive indoor Jurassic Park (Back to the Jura) featuring the biggest dinosaurs you will find in Vietnam.

Adventure to the centre of the earth (Underground Adventure), a unique experience throughout the world. SunGroup holds this copyright.

We offer an area featuring soft-play entertainment for young children with the biggest dedicated area in Vietnam.


Field Entertainment
Location Resort Ba Na Hills