Mesmerising fireworks show lights up the sky above Danang on second performance night of DIFF 2019

The second performance night of DIFF 2019  was another huge success attracting nearly 17,000 spectators to the eastern side of the Han River in Central Vietnam’s largest city, Danang. 

Held under the theme “Buds of Life”, the two teams from Brazil and Belgium pulled out all the stops to stunning effect leaving the audiences hugely impressed. 

Many dignitaries and distinguished guests, including Danang Party Committee Deputy Secretary – Vo Cong Tri, Chairman of the Danang People’s Committee – Huynh Duc Tho, and other leaders from various ministries and the municipality attended the event which is attracting record numbers of international and Vietnamese tourists as well as members of the press and media. 

Whether they were seating in the VIP stand, or enjoying the view from the banks of the Han river, the audience collectively gasped with wonder as the sky above Danang filled with a starburst of colour. 

Throughout the two performances there were constant cheers and much rapturous applause from spectators, who were truly spellbound by the magnificent and innovative displays. 

The night began with vibrant artistic displays and soulful musical performances. Stirring renditions of classics such as “River of No Return”, “Smooth River”, “Wanna See You Dance”, “Beautiful City” and “River Deep, Mountain High” were performed by celebrated local divas and balladeers Thuy Dung, Dong Nhi, Ho Trung Dung and Dinh Huong. In particular, the Belgian folk dance “Buds of Life” energised the whole festival and brought smiles to the faces of participants and spectators alike.  

In addition to artistic displays and musical performances, thousands of spectators were also treated to special video reports, which showcased the cultural significance of rivers in Brazil and Belgium, before the two teams wowed audiences with two breathtaking displays.

Participating at the Danang International Fireworks Festival for the first time, News Fireworks – Brazil amazed all spectators with infectious melodies, fantastic lighting and a range of special effects that complimented the fireworks beautifully. 

Meanwhile, one of the leading fireworks companies in Europe, H.C Pyrotechnics – Belgium, who can boast a history in pyrotechnics of nearly 200 years under the renowned family name of Hendrickx, conjured up a fantastical fairy-tale with a pulsating display of fireworks and exhilarating music.

Spectators crying for more won’t have to wait long. The next performance night will be held on June 15 when Finland and Italy compete under the theme ‘Love’. During the week visitors to Danang will be able to feel the excitement on the streets and participate in many other exciting cultural and artistic activities. 

Now in its second week, DIFF 2019 has already succeeded in creating a vibrant and joyous atmosphere in Danang with many visitors especially planning their holidays to coincide with the citywide festival. With the goal of making Danang known all around the world as a “Fireworks City”, DIFF 2019 will continue to light up the skies with more dazzling performances through the summer.  


Entitled “Stories by the Rivers”, Danang International Fireworks Festival DIFF 2019 runs from June 1, 2019 to July 6, 2019 with a total of five competition nights all with a different theme: Origins (June 1, 2019, Vietnam and Russia), Buds of Life (June 8, 2019, Brazil and Belgium), Love (June 15, 2019, Finland and Italy), Burst of Colors (June 22, 2019, the UK and China), Setting Sail (July 6, 2019, the grand finale with the two best teams).

DIFF 2019 promises to create plenty of surprises and memorable experiences for residents and visitors this summer with many innovative activities including a Street Carnival, which takes place on Sundays from June 2, 2019, to July 7, 2019. Visitors should also look out for the finale of the “Youth Waves” flashmob dance contest, and the world-class art show “Sunshine Carnival”, which made its world debut at Sun World Ba Na Hills on May 31, 2019 (there are two shows a day at 10:30 and 14:30) and will run until September 30, 2019. “Sunshine Carnival” features more than 200 dancers and performers and has been produced under the direction of a creative team with many renowned international and domestic artists and choreographers.


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