Danang treated to another unforgettable night of fireworks at DIFF 2019

On the penultimate competition night of this year’s Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF 2019), the central city witnessed the last two fireworks teams pull out all the stops in an effort to win a place in the finale on July 6.

Besides the experts in pyrotechnics from England and China, celebrated musicians, artists and dancers also contributed to another memorable night at DIFF 2019 with show-stopping performances.

Attending this fourth competition night at DIFF 2019 were many distinguished guests including heads of ministries, departments and central agencies, including Mr. Huynh Duc Tho – Chairman of Da Nang City People’s Committee. Also in attendance were numerous international guests, representatives of various media agencies, not to mention tens of thousands of spectators who watched the show from the stands on the east bank of Han River.

The theme for the evening’s entertainment was “Burst of Colours” and the producers and artistic directors made sure the night went far beyond people’s expectations. They made full use of the state-of-art stage and all the technologies at their disposal to create a magical light show with elaborate costumes and world class choreography.

Renowned balladeer Tung Duong performed Colors, a much-loved ballad written by the composer Tran Tien while Uyen Linh made the most of her powerful voice when performing Adele’s international hit “Rolling in the Deep”. The melodies kept coming with Quoc Thien performing another Tran Tien’s song, “The Children of the Sun” while Thu Hang sang a beautiful version of “Green River.

The audience was also treated to a special dance performance set to Chinese folk music for an act called “Buddha with thousands of eyes and hands”. There were also screenings of two mini-documentaries about the tranquil Thames River in England and the legendary rivers of China. As with previous weeks, these documentaries revealed much about the unique cultures of the two countries who would later compete in the fireworks competition — the overall theme of DIFF 2019 is “Stories by the rivers”.

When the fireworks took centre stage, as with previous weeks, the night sky above  the Han River became a canopy for the competing teams to weave their own stories among the stars. The team from England incorporated 700 water cannons into their vibrant display. Using sweet melodies, the display of sparkling lights instantly whisked audiences away into a magical realm. It was if they created a mirror as the Han River and the sky above appeared to reflect one another.

With the bar raised high, the team from China were unperturbed and they also conjured up a dazzling display that told a tale of a fascinating and mythical journey. The mesmerising show made members of the audience feel as though they were central characters in the story. With an ingenious combination of traditional and contemporary music, the team from China have left a strong impression on spectators.

So who will make the final? On each of the four competition nights, the teams seemed to win over the audience with diverse displays of fireworks. The judges will have plenty to consider as they go about the difficult task of choosing which two of the eight teams will return to compete for the ‘crown’ on July 6.

Many tourists will be flying into Danang over the next two weeks in anticipation of a thrilling climax to DIFF 2019. Beside the main event, the streets of Danang will be buzzing with excitement and visitors can expect a vibrant, carnival style atmosphere throughout the city.

Undoubtedly, whichever teams compete, audiences can look forward to two world class displays and more incredible stage performances as the festival looks to bow out in a high note. DIFF 2019 has already delivered four unforgettable nights to the city of Danang but the final night will surely surpass all expectations.


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