Spectacular fireworks shows in Danang light up the skies in the name of ‘Love’

On June 15, DIFF 2019 once again treated visitors and residents in Danang in Central Vietnam to a memorable night with show-stopping fireworks shows and breathtaking performances. 

The theme for the third competition night of DIFF 2019 was ‘Love’ and the two teams from Finland and Italy certainly stole the hearts of spectators and distinguished guests with two incredible displays. 

Before the pyrotechnics burst into the nighttime sky, there was also a spellbinding light show and many pulsating performances from famous singers, such as Thao Trang, Ali Hoang Duong and Phuong Vy Idol, who sang classics such as “Fly Up”“Miss You” and “Take Me to the River”

There was also a highly entertaining performance from international artists who wowed the audience with their rendition of a Tarentella folk dance. The famous Vietnamese diva Hong Nhung then took to the stage to perform her worldwide hit“L’Italiano”, which left the audience in raptures.

Beside the wonderful musical performances, artistic and cultural displays, there were two video reports about some of the most famous rivers in Finland and Italy. These special short documentaries took the audience on a journey through time, introducing spectators to each of the competing country’s most iconic architecture, before the two fireworks shows began.

As a newcomer to the Danang International Fireworks Festival, the Finnish team, known as Joho Pyro Professional Fireworks AB, surprised thousands of spectators with an outstanding performance, which was described by some as “the most spectacular fireworks display in Vietnam”. 

Hundreds of different fireworks were launched into the skies to the sounds of rock, metal, and classical music. Entitling their performance “Hero of the River”, the Finnish pyrotechnic specialists created a fairy tale that took viewers through a full range of emotions from despair and sadness to sheer joy and eventually euphoria! Having won many of the spectators’ hearts, the team was declared a serious competitor for the crown this year.

Meanwhile, Italy’s Parente Fireworks Group were also out to impress viewers with their performance, titled “Drops”. The pyrotechnics team from Italy has a rich history of fireworks with over 100 years of displays, and as the two-times champions of the Danang International Fireworks Festival, they were once again on top of their game with a wonderful show of fireworks set to beautiful background music that showcased their skills as true masters of this art form.

Both teams certainly succeeded in filling the night sky of Danang with two dazzling displays of fireworks, all in the name of love! 

Now everyone in Danang and many visitors are eagerly awaiting for the next instalment of DIFF 2019 on the banks of Han River on June 22 when teams from China and United Kingdom will have their chance to stake their claim as the best specialists in pyrotechnics. 

With the goal of making Danang known all around the world as a “Fireworks City”, DIFF 2019 will continue to light up the skies with more spectacular performances through the summer. For more information please visit: www.diff.vn


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