Vietnam’s state-of-the-art hiking train due for launch on March 31, 2018

Muong  Hoa  is Vietnam’s  most  advanced hiking train, connecting Sapa Town to the Departure  Terminal  of  Fansipan  Cable Car. Invested and installed by Sun Group, it is due to be launched on March 31, 2018 as a new breakthrough product for Lao Cai Province’s tourist industry and as an added value to tourist experiences in Sapa.

As  of  now  it  is  the  longest  hiking  train route in Vietnam, Stretching approximately 2  km.  Departing  from  MGallery  hotel  in Sapa  Town  and  ending  at  the  Departure Terminal  of  Fansipan  Cable  Car,  it navigates  through  2  tunnels  and  4  flyover bridges  to  enable  the  maximum  speed  of 10mps  and  passenger  capacity  of  2,000 passengers  per  hour.  Muong  Hoa  hiking train route shortens passengers’ commuting time to 4 minutes from 15 to 20 minutes by car along precipitous meandering treks.

The two train carriages are designed and manufactured by  world  famous  Garaventa (Switzerland). Each carriage measures 20m long and 3m wide and weighs 25 tons and can accommodate 200  passengers.  The interior of  Muong  Hoa  hiking  train  is reminiscent of that of classical and elegant

European-style carriages, including the lighting  system,  old  ceiling  fans,  braces. The journey to explore the Northwestern highlands by Muong Hoa hiking train resembles a slow motion  footage  of  marvelous  scenes.  From  the  moment  visitors  arrive  they  are overwhelmed  by  the  classical  French  architecture  bestowed  upon  the  exquisite  Departure Terminal  of  Sapa  by  universally  acclaimed  architect  Bill  Bensley.   The  beautiful  design features  such  as  the  domes  high  ceiling,  the  decorative  details  modeled  after  the  railway, steering  wheel  or  badge  of  the  railway  industry…,  they  are  immediately  drawn  to  the extravagant and regal interior décor of each carriage. The moment the train flashes through the  mysterious  tunnels  and  crosses  flyover  bridges  you  come  to  witness  an  unwinding landscape of almighty nature and undulating mountain ranges. At either dawn or dusk you can experience the breathless beauty of of Muong Hoàng valleys and tranquil quiet ethnic hamlets.

As part of entertainment complex Sun World Fansipan Legend, Muong Hoa hiking train route contributes to completing and diversifying the entire spectrum of cherry picked tourist products and experiences for visitors to the Northwestern hinterland and the mist clouded town of Sapa.

From the Terminal to Muong Hoa, visitors are invited to explore the Sun World Fansipan Legend by cable car. Visitors may also cross Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range offering a midair view  of  the  breathtaking  mountainous  Northwestern  landscape.  Then  continue  to onquer  the  legendary  Roof  of  Indochina  and  admire  the  magnificent  religious  complex atop  the  Fansipan. There  are  a  number  of  iconic  landmarks  such  as  the  largest Amitabha

Buddha  Statue  of  Vietnam,  Kim  Son  Bao  Thang  Pagoda  and  its  numerous  well-crafted Buddha statues, Alahat Road of 17 copper Alahat statues standing 2.5m high, Bich Van Zen Monastery,  Guanyin  Buddha  Statue,  etc.  The Journey to  the  Fansipan  is  sprinkled  with sensational experiences and a myriad of emotions.

In  addition,  SunWorld  Fansipan  Legend  is  a  non-stop  feast  of  unheard  surprises  of  the Northwestern  culture,  landscape  and  people  through  some  renowned  festivals  such  as  the Fansipan Heavenly Gate Opening Festival that lasts to the end of Lunar March, there is the Azalea Festival (April 7 to May 1, 2018) and lots of other festivities all year round.

With  Muong  Hoa  hiking  train  route  put  in  operation  to  connect  Sapa’s  5-star  MGallery Hotel (due for inauguration in late 2018) to Sun World Fansipan Legend complex, a topnotch expansive compound of resorts, entertainment, shopping and exploratory tourism in Northwestern  Vietnam  is  well  underway.  The local  tourist  industry  is  reinforced  with another world-class product.  In addition this venture will also contribute to creating more jobs,  improve local  lives  of  ethnic  communities  and  bolster  the  quantity  and  quality  of visitors and their purchasing power in the hinterland.


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